Krasi Radkov blew up the air with a scandalous joke

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Krasi Radkov blew up the air with a scandalous joke

Krasi Radkov already feels at home while leading “The Masked Singer” together with his colleague Gerasim Georgiev – Gero. The two do not stop laughing on stage and even spontaneously joke.

Gero killed the fish with a raffle for Rachkov

Slavi Trifonov’s artist was the first in their last show to compete for an anecdote:

“Grandmother and grandson go shopping in the mall. The grandson parks the car in the parking lot and tells his grandmother:

“I’m going to check at the counter.”“Well, you just didn’t check in there,” replied the grandmother.

The whole room laughed at these words. Gero, on the other hand, took this as a thrown glove and decided that it was right for him to shine with improvisation:

“James Bond’s son wants to go out late at night with friends and asks his father:“Dad, can I go out with friends?”– Maybe! He can’t! “Bond replied succinctly.”

Shock: Gero dropped a political bomb on the air

And which of the two jokes do you like more?

BLITZ reminds that on Saturday night the mask of Glarus in “The Masked Singer” fell, and behind it was the artist and panelist at the Gala – Darin Angelov.


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