Kostomarov's wife about his condition: “Husband was born again”

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 Kostomarov's wife about his condition: "Husband was born again"

Olympic champion in figure skating Roman Kostomarov was in a very serious condition when he was hospitalized in a hospital in Kommunarka, based on his analyzes, the most negative forecasts were made. Oksana Domnina, the figure skater's wife, stated this.

“When Roman fell ill, a council of the best doctors was assembled. My husband was in a very difficult, difficult condition. All indicators went off scale, these were actually numbers with which they do not live and do not survive. He was reborn, and the fact that he is with us now – this is a huge miracle and the merit of doctors”, – Domnina said in an interview with Arguments and Facts.

According to Kostomarov's wife, before the development of pneumonia, the athlete did not feel bad – the only symptom was a mild cough. Then the figure skater's hand hurt, which forced him to take anti-inflammatory and painkillers, which, according to Domnina, blurred the onset of the disease.

A large team of Moscow doctors and federal specialists are currently working with Kostomarov .
Recall that doctors have been fighting for the life of Roman Kostomarov for more than a month.

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