Kostomarov's mother does not know anything about the amputation

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 Kostomarov's mother knows nothing about the amputation

Valentina Kostomarov, mother of figure skater Roman Kostomarov, reacted to the information that both feet were amputated to the athlete.

Earlier, TASS reported that 45-year-old Kostomarov underwent surgery, as a result of which doctors amputated his feet.

“Oksana (Domnina, Kostomarov's wife) has just gone to the hospital. I am not allowed to visit him. Did they amputate his foot? Nobody gave me that information. Contact the doctor»,— RENTV quotes Kostomarov's words.

On January 10, Kostomarov was admitted to the intensive care unit with severe pneumonia. Later, he was connected to the ECMO apparatus, but on January 24, the need for this disappeared. The athlete faced complications against the backdrop of illness, he had sepsis and had problems with blood circulation.

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