Kostomarov began to die off limbs

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 Kostomarov's limbs started dying off

< p> For three weeks the Olympic champion and partner of Tatyana Navka Roman Kostomarov has been in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Kommunarka, where he got on January 10 due to progressive pneumonia. To date, Kostomarov's condition has been stabilized.

The figure skater has already been disconnected from the ECMO apparatus, which saturates the blood with oxygen, but is kept on a ventilator— he cannot breathe on his own. Nevertheless, the dynamics are positive: the temperature has dropped, Kostomarov has come to his senses. But there is no talk of release yet. But the main test for the athlete and his loved ones is yet to come – some time ago, Kostomarov began to die off his limbs. The fingers on the hands will most likely be amputated, they are trying to save the legs, but the chances are low, the doctors say.

At the moment, the figure skater's body is not ready for surgery, so the doctors are waiting for the right moment. In the future, Kostomarov will most likely go to Germany for treatment and rehabilitation, negotiations are underway with clinics abroad.

Kostomarov was hospitalized with severe chest pains and suspected covid. The tests showed a negative result, but the athlete was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, which led to hydrothorax and sepsis. According to doctors, Roman's lungs were too weak, so the disease developed rapidly after the athlete dived into the hole.

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