Komorowski warned of the dangers of older persons: “the Vaccine is not enough”

Комаровский предупредил об опасности пожилых людей: "Вакцины не хватает"

Dr. Komarovsky warned that Ukraine is desperately short of vaccine, so the health of the elderly depend on the young

In Ukraine there is a lack of flu vaccines, but for Ukrainians the vaccination is a matter not of expediency and material possibilities. This was stated by the famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski.

According to him, there are so many manufacturers of influenza vaccines.

Комаровский предупредил об опасности пожилых людей: "Вакцины не хватает"

“Vaccine manufacturers left in the world five or six companies. [In Ukraine] acute shortage of vaccines, some flu vaccines in our country have never even been, and we don’t know we will see them someday or not. We lack them sorely! Therefore, to get vaccinated or not is not a question of expediency and material resources: if you have the opportunity to get vaccinated themselves and to vaccinate their children to protect them from infections – you do,” he said.

Komorowski warned that there was high mortality of adults from the flu, but this is especially true among the elderly.

“The flu is a killer of our grandparents. Very often, the grandmother seems to have recovered from the flu, but died the next day from a stroke. Due to the temperature, due to the fact that he could not eat normally due to intoxication – the weak blood vessels can not withstand the flu – and so people die. What diagnosis will be? Heart attack, stroke. Now the question is: from whom our grandmothers flu? You, young, from grandchildren! If you have your elderly parents allot your snotty children, you have a moral right not to defend?!” – said Komorowski.

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We will add, earlier Eugene Komorowski said, do I need to be vaccinated after you have been ill with the flu.

Комаровский предупредил об опасности пожилых людей: "Вакцины не хватает"

According to Komarovsky, when we talk about “strashnosti” some disease, any specific infection, we must remember that this “scariness” is determined by a number of cases the disease runs hard and is a real threat to life.

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