Komorowski told why after the child’s birth family break

Комаровский рассказал, почему после рождения ребенка распадаются семьи

Dr. Komorowski explained why the birth of a child often leads to divorce

40% of Ukrainian families do not stand the test of child. This was stated by popular pediatrician Eugene Komorowski in an interview with the program “Boatswain”.

According to Komarovsky, be happy a parent is technology. First of all, the problem is that in our country, traditionally the men are completely isolated from taking any ekologicheskih solutions.

Комаровский рассказал, почему после рождения ребенка распадаются семьи

“A woman under the influence of hormones, fears, influenced by their own relatives (again- relatives-women), dominated by the instinct to [child] not cold and not died of hunger, creates pure chaos. The baby crying in the head of the woman only two thoughts: he or cold, or hungry. And his stomach hurts because he ate too much, because it’s hot in the room… She can’t bring it to mind, the man in the side. When a child is ill, he says: let me walk to the pharmacy. That is, logic and common sense near children at all,” explains Komorowski.

Thus, according to him, men who go to PTA meetings, give the child medication, you know what children’s clothes and this system child safety, in our country very little.

Komorowski explains that knowledge and skills make parenting in happiness, but the Ukrainians are accustomed to complicate your life.

“Are you struggling with diapers, canned food — are you looking for a problem! We have a bunch of moms with three children sitting for hours doing the “pee-pee”, and then running and telling her friends: I present my three months he was in the pot! They all start “pespacket” instead of having to wear a baby’s diaper and go to sleep,” says the doctor.

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The doctor stressed that today Ukrainian parents have opportunities that didn’t exist before.

Комаровский рассказал, почему после рождения ребенка распадаются семьи

“You just imagine how your mom 20 years ago carried you winter walk. Do you have any idea what it’s like to walk with the baby without disposable diapers?! Just wrapped — unwrapped. And now all the conditions to travel, to relax, to love, to sleep, to control of the child… air conditioning equipment, washing machine, dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers — anything that helps people to survive, to multiply,” says Komorowski.

We will remind, Komorowski said that in some cases self-treatment is justified.

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