Komorowski told who every day need to harden the throat

Комаровский рассказал, кому каждый день нужно закалять горло

Dr. Komarovsky has told, do children need every day to strengthen your throat

Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski continues to answer specific questions of its readers and viewers. In one of the shows about hardening the doctor gave the Council every day to give children one teaspoon per day of ice cream, to harden the throat.

Yevgeny Komarovsky wrote the mother of the child:

Комаровский рассказал, кому каждый день нужно закалять горло

“I have a question about a recipe: 1 tsp. ice cream 3 times a day and frozen juice. I have a child calmly eating ice cream — the whole pack in one sitting, and nothing happens. Should I bring the above recipes in our lives? Or that he quietly eats ice cream, suggests that the hardening of the throat he doesn’t need already? Or is it worth it — because a pack of ice cream every day he does not eat, and hardening of the throat, probably suggests a systematic character?”, — asks the woman.

According to the doctor, hardening — is to increase the body’s resistance to potentially hazardous environmental effects. If contact with a cold (eating ice cream) causes problems, then it is possible to temper a throat to these problems to avoid. If the child has no problems after eating cold foods, any special tempering is not needed. That is, there is simply no reason for hardening.

According to Komarovsky, regular effect on the throat with a cold can also have a positive effect in the presence of chronic tonsillitis, but the reader does not mention.

Комаровский рассказал, кому каждый день нужно закалять горло

“Hardening — at least in the version I’m talking about: there are often ice cream sucking Popsicles with frozen juice — it makes sense in fact in the two cases. The first is the occurrence of health problems (pain, discomfort, the development of inflammation) after eating cold. The second — the presence of chronic tonsillitis. Since you have the data no problem, and the reason for hardening is not” — says the doctor.

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