Komorowski told when you need to temper children

Комаровский рассказал, когда нужно закаливать детей

Dr. Komarovsky has told, what is the hardening, whether it is children and at what age

First, the parents give children the wrong conditions, and then think about the hardening. This is evidenced by the famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski.

Hardening — is to increase the body’s resistance to the adverse effects of physical factors of environment (low or high temperature, water, etc.) by systematically measured the impact of these factors.

Комаровский рассказал, когда нужно закаливать детей

It is obvious that many external factors can cause diseases that are called “colds”. The most common causes of “colds” include, first of all, hypothermia as a General (badly dressed, it’s cold in the apartment) and local (e.g., wet feet).

Komarovsky says that a newborn human child has an innate ability to adapt to environmental conditions. The stability of these conditions, such as constant and not low temperature, warm water, sterile food, carefully eliminating contact with moving air (wind) leads to the fact that innate mechanisms of adaptation switches off unnecessary.

Newborn baby in a hardening does not need it tempered by nature. You should just care for my baby not to quench the natural adaptation mechanisms. Not only to avoid but to deliberately create contrasts in temperature as the air and water, to use all possibilities for the maximum duration of contact with the natural factors of nature, in other words, getting outside and in any weather.

“The situation is close to deadlock though, because 99% of the moms and dads safely hurt after having to sit in a draft or wet feet. Not surprisingly, these factors are regarded as definitely hazardous, and the child from such threats will strongly protect,” says the doctor.

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Комаровский рассказал, когда нужно закаливать детей

“Tempering should always be considered as an attempt to regain lost, trying to jump into the departing train, an attempt to redefine traditional parent view that the child is bad and what is good,” says the doctor.

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