Komorowski told how to treat the protracted cold

Комаровский рассказал, как лечить затянувшийся насморк

Dr. Komorowski told what to do in cases where a runny nose is not very long

Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski told how to treat protracted colds, answering the questions of his readers.

The doctor asked the little girl’s mother:

“Daughter of 2.5 years. The autumn goes to kindergarten, disease for disease. Two months ago, increased adenoids, were administered an antibiotic (izofra). But the cold is not completely passed, although comply with all recommendations Laura. How to cure it? Could it provoke some complications?”, — she wrote.

Комаровский рассказал, как лечить затянувшийся насморк

According to the doctor, runny nose that persists for more than two months, cannot be cured solely by the droplets in the nose. The more local use of antibiotics.

First you need to identify the cause of the common cold. If it’s a virus, you should know that virus infection can last two months — so the child constantly picks up new viruses and cannot be cured as long as you limit your contact with other people (children) to, he still recovered and did not cling to the infection.

If the runny nose is a reaction to the dry, warm air, then cold will not work until you put in order children’s room or will find a garden, where children walk and room air. If the rhinitis is allergic, it will not disappear until you identify the source of Allergy.

“The main thing I want to stress that it is impossible to treat a cold, it is necessary to diagnose (identify specific disease), and then eliminate the causes of this disease. It goes without saying that long-term persistent runny nose can cause complications,” explains the doctor.

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Complications can be associated with the functioning of the middle ear, with involvement of the sinuses (the occurrence of the so-called sinusitis). Long disturbed nasal breathing leads to the fact that the child breathes a mouth, and the constant inhalation of untreated dry air leads to damage of the bronchial mucosa with the emergence of completely different diseases.

Комаровский рассказал, как лечить затянувшийся насморк

“So once again I advise: completely wrong approach for long-term runny nose terms of only the nose (only Laura) — required qualified pediatrician who will be able to understand the complex causes of this long illness and prescribe appropriate treatment,” — said Komorowski.

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