Komorowski told how to help, if frozen tongue to the metal

Комаровский рассказал, как оказать помощь, если примерз язык к металлу

Dr. Komorowski told how to provide first aid in an emergency situation

Popular Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski told how to help the child, whose tongue or lips froze to the metal.

The doctor wrote the reader, which is concerned about this question:

Комаровский рассказал, как оказать помощь, если примерз язык к металлу

“OEM baby 3 years, but he has to try everything on the tooth. I’m afraid that in the cold it will lean against the lips or tongue to the metal. How to unplug frozen part: what and how much to heat, pour water or not? And if you have time to strive for, what to do?” — ask the doctor.

According to the doctor, freezing of tongue or lips to metal objects — classic “complications” children’s games in the cold. There are two possible courses of action.

The first thing to which a frozen language (ski pole, sledge, axe, etc.), can be moved to a warm room with the child, and then it disconnect by itself under the influence of warm air (for educational purposes forward or immediately turn on the dryer) or warm water you need to pour on the tongue and on the metal.

“In the second case it is impossible, for example, you will not take a fence (swing, car, embankment fence, etc.). Then you need to run to the next room (home, café, office) for warm water. Water should be pour on the metal (closer to the language) or send it in a plastic bag and applied to warmed metal, and language,” explains Komorowski.

If the situation is extreme, that is we, nature and nothing else, our actions change. Need to place the palm as close as possible to the child’s language (from both sides) and start to warm breath.

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“Another possible source of help in extreme conditions, when no home, no warm water nearby, but there are the plastic bag to urinate in the package and apply it to language. If there is no package, but you in the car, there in the medicine Cabinet should be rubber gloves and condoms. They can also be used as containers for warm content,” says the doctor.

Комаровский рассказал, как оказать помощь, если примерз язык к металлу

Unfortunately, according to the doctor, no special remedies for healing wounds on the tongue and the lips no. Can be treated with Miramistin or chlorhexidine in civilized conditions. But the case for immunity. Also it is better to avoid ingestion of sour, spicy, hot and very cold.

We will remind, Komorowski said who daily need to temper throat.

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