Komorowski spoke about the main danger for children because of their parents: “Have a conscience”

Комаровский рассказал о главной опасности для детей по вине родителей: "Имейте совесть"

Dr. Komorowski spoke about the threat to children posed by parents

Popular Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski continues to give important tips to parents about children’s health. The doctor has warned parents about possible child poisoning tobacco. The relevant post was published on his page in Instagram.

According to Komarovsky, there are two main reasons of poisoning by tobacco:

• inhalation intake of nicotine due to active or passive Smoking;

• swallowing by children of tobacco, including nicotine gum, patches, liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Комаровский рассказал о главной опасности для детей по вине родителей: "Имейте совесть"

Symptoms of poisoning with tobacco:

• restlessness (agitation), nausea, vomiting, headache;
pain in the abdomen;

• excessive sweating;

• in severe poisoning — shortness of breath, arrhythmias, convulsions.

According to the doctor, inhalation of nicotine emergency care similar to the same at the poison gases. The main thing — immediately to take the child to fresh air. If this is not possible, open the Windows and doors.

If a child swallows tobacco, you should immediately induce vomiting. This can be done in the following way:

— in order to induce vomiting, give the child drink 1-2 glasses of water or milk, then with one hand hold the child, and two fingers of the second hand enter as deeply as possible into the oropharynx and stir them;

— fingers can be replaced with a spoon, which should put pressure on the root of the tongue;

attempts to induce vomiting should be undertaken, despite the resistance of the child.

“The child under one year for the occurrence of poisoning by tobacco is enough to swallow half a cigarette. 1 eaten a cigarette is a dangerous dose for a child over 1 year”, warns the doctor.

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Комаровский рассказал о главной опасности для детей по вине родителей: "Имейте совесть"

To ensure that all the above did not happen with your child, the doctor recommends the following prevention methods:

“Have a conscience: don’t smoke in areas where children are present. Do not spread anywhere cigarettes, keep tobacco products in closed cabinets,” wrote Eugene Komorowski.

We will remind, Komorowski told how to help your child with pain.

The child nothing should hurt. But if something hurts, then you need a doctor. This prevents parents, popular pediatrician Eugene Komorowski. Relevant post he published on his page in Instagram.

As reported Politeka, Komorowski spoke about the threat to kids: “there is no cure”.

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