Komorowski spoke about the advisability of vaccination after the disease

Комаровский рассказал о целесообразности прививок после болезни

Dr. Komorowski told whether to vaccinate, when already ill with flu

Komarovsky wrote the mother of the 3-year-old boy who had been ill with influenza A (H1N1). Now the child is healthy and goes to kindergarten, but mother does not let go of the idea that the baby had such a terrible virus.

“What complications can be after this disease, what to pay attention? And whether next time to put a flu shot?”, — asks the woman.

Комаровский рассказал о целесообразности прививок после болезни

According to Komarovsky, when we talk about “strashnosti” some disease, any specific infection, we must remember that this “scariness” is determined by a number of cases the disease runs hard and is a real threat to life.

“It is clear that a very scary according to this criterion, a disease — a plague, in which without treatment, up to 98% of patients can die. And the worst is rabies, which without treatment could die, and 100% of cases. However, if any infection is possible as a severe disease and relatively easy. We are talking about probability, and this probability is determined by the General condition of the person, his particular status at the time of the meeting with the virus and the characteristics of the immune system of this particular person,” explains the doctor.

As for the flu, regardless of what is the flu, as it is called — A, b, C, H1N1 or something else, we must remember that chronic flu does not happen. If the disease ended in recovery, no matter what note it is not necessary — the flu has a beginning and has an end.

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In the 21st century, mankind has invented an effective method of protection against influenza, which implies a systematic seasonal flu shots, modern inactivated vaccines, which have long demonstrated their effectiveness and safety.

Комаровский рассказал о целесообразности прививок после болезни

“I repeat what I say every year: the flu shot is not a matter of expediency, a question of material possibilities. Can you afford the vaccinations? Private child, yourself, be sure to private grandparents”, — says Komorowski.

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