Komorowski spoke about “nuance” when SARS without temperature

Комаровский рассказал о «нюансе» при ОРВИ без температуры

Is it possible the child to freeze.

Dr. Komarovsky has told, is it possible to freeze the child with acute viral respiratory infection. Well-known pediatrician said on his Instagram page, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

The parents asked the doctor Komarovsky, who informed about alcohol during pregnancy, the question of whether to freeze child during SARS without temperature. If under normal condition baby, toddler, for example running around the apartment without socks, is it worth it to keep warm during illness.

Dr. Komarovsky said that if the child feels comfortable doing so, then there is absolutely nothing abnormal. But the desire to dress the child during cold — it’s just a whim of my mother, who believes that she needs to do something. Komorowski was advised to “leave the child alone” if the baby is not experiencing this discomfort.

“I usually don’t recommend that a sick child has overcooled. A sick child could use the extra clothing, extra socks, first of all, because the temperature of the air which the child breathes, the patient usually 1-2 degrees should be lower than for a healthy child,” says Komorowski.

Dr. Komarovsky is recommended to reduce the air temperature in which the sleeping child with obstructed nasal breathing to 18-20 degrees.

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“If you put it on, it takes, do not disturb him… Focus on the health of the child. If the child well — is the optimum environment conducive to recovery,” says the pediatrician.

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