Komorowski said that in some cases rinsing of the nose can cause otitis media

Комаровский рассказал, в каких случаях промывание носа может спровоцировать отит

From Dr. Komarovsky we regularly hear about the benefits of nasal lavage with saline, but is it safe

Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski continues to answer the questions of their readers and viewers. This time we are talking about saline.

Ukrainians are interested in whether nasal lavage with saline to provoke otitis.

Комаровский рассказал, в каких случаях промывание носа может спровоцировать отит

“Almost from birth we use for daily hygiene of the nose and throat of the child, (1-3 drops). Humidity and temperature in the room “Komarovsky”. The child is already 8 months. and we continue to use the drugs as a “preventative”, and is particularly active in the cold. Recently faced with the opinion of the ENT doctor about the inadmissibility of such “uncontrolled” use of the drug because “wash the contents of the nasal passages can get into the Eustachian tube and from there into the middle ear and cause inflammation,” write the doctor.

According to Yevgeny Komarovsky, the liquid entering the nose can indeed provoke otitis, provided that this liquid is introduced under pressure and adjudged accordingly, in the Eustachian tube.

For daily hygiene of the nose, use the saline it is possible, but you have to understand that if the room supports the optimal parameters of humidity and temperature, it protects mucous membranes from drying and in such a situation, the saline is only needed when the disease. In health it is not necessary. However, in moderation to prevent it is unlikely.

“If the saline is used to hydrate the mucous membrane of the active (2-3 times per hour), then no doubt, it is not dangerous and no functions will not be suppressed. The key thing to understand is dryness of the mucous membrane inhibits its protective function and the whole system of local immunity is much more pronounced than all FireStore (even uncontrollably applied) combined,” added Mr. Komorowski.

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Комаровский рассказал, в каких случаях промывание носа может спровоцировать отит

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