Komorowski has destroyed the myth about the flu

Комаровский разрушил миф об ангине

According to Dr. Eugene Komarovsky, a sore throat must be treated with antibiotics.

From the point of view of classical medicine sore throat is an acute bacterial infection, when the inflammation in the throat caused by one of two microbes, either Streptococcus or Staphylococcus. About this doctor told on his page on Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Voice.

“Your task, understanding of the fact that angina that is not treatable with antibiotics, with a very high degree of probability can give complications on heart and kidneys,” — said Komorowski.

The doctors called the first signs of hypertension

He added that a sore throat without antibiotics is likely to pass, but it with antibiotics should be treated is the most effective way to reduce the suffering of the patient and reduce the likelihood of complications.

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