Komorowski explained the difference between humidity and dampness in the apartment

Комаровский объяснил разницу между влажностью и сыростью в квартире

Doctor Komorowski said, as the humidity in the apartment to turn in the wet

Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski said, what should be the humidity in the apartment, so as not to hurt.

As you know, in the programs and books of popular doctor constantly hear the call that the air in the apartment should not be dry and the temperature high. Komarovsky wrote the father of the child. He explains that he and his wife were having a disagreement about the humidity in the nursery. After watching Komarovsky woman too puzzled by this question:

Комаровский объяснил разницу между влажностью и сыростью в квартире

“The humidity is above 80% — is common in winter, in summer it happens and 99%. Our child to 2 years constantly coughing, had snot that sit deep and don’t vysmarkivayutsya. The tests clearly can not tell what it is. I’m afraid that the child will earn a chronic illness.

At too high humidity in the room starts to breed mold, fungi, mites, which, in fact, cause disease… I insist on the range 50-65%, but nobody listens to me,” writes a concerned parent.

Komorowski noted that in all of its programs it encourages not just the humidity, and the humidity is normal. A normal relative humidity for all sanitary and hygienic norms is 40 to 60%.

“These are the indicators of humidity, I recommend assuming that in acute respiratory diseases humidity of 70% is also good. Any humidity above 80% is not humidity and dampness. Damp also never useful and not needed. And of course, I never tell anyone this is not recommended,” explains the doctor.

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Komorowski also recommend parents to watch him transfer the whole family:

Комаровский объяснил разницу между влажностью и сыростью в квартире

“If you watched the transmission with her, you would understand that man’s logic and common sense allow to find adequate answers to questions and find out what Komarovsky recommends no high humidity, and the humidity is normal,” — says the doctor.

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