Komorowski explained how to distinguish between burns

Комаровский объяснил, как различать ожоги

What are the different types of burns.

Dr. Komorowski told the parents how to distinguish burns in children according to the classification. About this he wrote on his page on Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

Комаровский объяснил, как различать ожоги

Burns have several classifications, and each of them has four degrees of severity, some even fall to the degree by letter. However, there is a simple classification that will help parents to determine the burn phase of emergency aid and it will simplify recommendations for their treatment.

A first-degree burn. He is accompanied only by damage to the superficial layer of the skin (the epidermis), and the main symptoms are pain and redness.

A second-degree burn. In this burn damaged the epidermis and the skin (dermis). The symptoms in this burn – intense pain, redness, blistering.

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Third-degree burns. Characterized by involvement of all layers of the skin and nerve trunks and blood vessels located directly under it. Symptoms: the skin loses its sensitivity, it becomes dry and in some places charred.

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