Komorowski denied the main horror stories of Ukrainians: “there is no danger”

Комаровский опроверг главную страшилку украинцев: "опасности нет"

Ukrainian doctor Yevhen Komarovsky answered the burning question about the dangers of carbonated beverages

The famous Kharkov pediatrician Komorowski recorded a video where he tells the impact of carbonated drinks on the human body and also dispelled the popular myth.

“Is it true, doctor, that the consumption of carbonated beverages inhibits calcium absorption and has a terrible effect on the bones of the poor children?” asked concerned that information from Komarovsky.

Комаровский опроверг главную страшилку украинцев: "опасности нет"

In response to this question the doctor said that the damage from drinks with gas, but not in all cases.

“I must say – not true. Although the smoke without fire does not happen. Some sodas, especially the brown, add phosphoric acid is a food additive, which is a regulator of acidity. Phosphoric acid can really mess with calcium and prevent its absorption,” said Dr. Komarovsky.

Комаровский опроверг главную страшилку украинцев: "опасности нет"

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Then Eugene Komorowski added that the need to drink a day 20-30 litres of fizzy drink that the body has received a sufficient quantity of phosphoric acid. That is, it is an absolute horror story.

The doctor also noted that the consumption of carbonated beverages prevents to consume to children really healthy drinks such as milk or other dairy products.

“The real problem lies elsewhere. Typically, when children drink a lot of carbonated drinks, they drink a little milk beverages. That is, they instead of a healthy drink with calcium, get just carbonated water with sugar and dyes,” – said Komorowski.

Комаровский опроверг главную страшилку украинцев: "опасности нет"

Recall that Dr. Komorowski told the parents about the serious infections, which causes any of the diseases of “dirty hands.” This pathological substance leads to the development of acute intestinal infection which sometimes it is hard being the children, often putting them in ICU. As reported on the pages of Dr. Komarovsky, the mechanism of transmission of the infection is fecal-oral. Although the doctor said that does not rule out respiratory transmission, i.e., through the air.

The article also mentioned how you can still buy this terrible virus.

“The virus is a sick person with natural items and other secretions such as vomiting. Transmission: the most common — the food (the most dangerous seafood), water (water, ice) and contact-household,” reports Dr. Komarovsky.


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As reported Politeka, with difficult breathing child must go to the doctor Komarovsky.

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