Komorowski debunked the myth about antiperspirants

Комаровский развенчал миф об антиперспирантах

Most of us have long heard that the subject of daily hygiene brings much more harm than good. And Dr. Komorowski explained why.

Pay attention to the fact that there are two concepts: deodorants and antiperspirants. The first sting or an intense smell of sweat. It is applied to the places where sweat is produced actively, and it makes “scent” is not so sharp, says the Chronicle.info with reference to clutch.ua.

But the antiperspirant is more, they act on the sweat glands, blocking their work and thus reducing the smell.

We are not discussing the issue of antiperspirants, because the children is irrelevant. In addition, excessive use of antiperspirants is associated with a high risk of developing diseases associated with problematic functioning of the sweat glands.

So if you see that the means of hygiene says “antiperspirant” is not worth buying.

Suprun was advised to be treated with pills and not injections

As for deodorants — they should be used when you personally, or ambient odor of your sweat. Only then, not because it is used by mom or dad.”

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