Komorowski about home birth: we Need to show these moms the graves of the dead children

Комаровский о домашних родах: Нужно показать этим мамам могилки умерших детей

Komorowski about home birth: we Need to show these moms the graves of the dead children
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Pediatrician about the scandal, and Novosad, the tablets of the placenta and the duty of breastfeeding.

Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski was the guest YouTube-project Rimini Achakzai “rumors”. He shared his opinion on the scandal surrounding the salary of the Minister of education Anna Novosad, instamatic and the trends that they preach. And also told that you can not buy at the birth of a child to save money.

About the scandal Novosad

Ramin remembered a situation where education Minister Anna Novosad said that on a salary of 36 thousand hryvnia “will not be able to keep the baby.” Komorowski noted that he has not angered by the words of the official, and the scandal around it.

– I don’t even want to mess with this. For me, I can tell you, even now there is a boom regarding coronavirus. I post your videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook did not even climb. I’m just disgusted. I really cleaned the page in FB: broke up all the morons, all who stinks, philosophizes, teaches me the love for the Motherland. Broke up all to hell, not to spoil the mood. I know that for me it was mostly the words of the Minister about the salary that she will not be able to support the child? She said that 36 thousand is all she will get. It was antikorruptsionnye position. And how great it is that she openly says: I live on this salary, I don’t enter for the appointment to school to sign some papers. For me this was the main, but it turns out that this is a topic to pohybovat, poumnichat. A lot of people who blatantly steal, lie at every turn lashing out. I do not discuss the professional qualities of the Minister, I am stating a fact.

He assured that any news media is the “summary of crime”. Honorary doctor cited the example of the release of his book, about which I will write only media, to whom he will pay for the advertising.

– There is a special policy in which all the good – built, opened, helped – all it is necessary to nobody. Komorowski tomorrow but if you slip and break my face – will write about it all. You know, it’s not awful, it’s disgusting. I do not wonder long ago in the issue said that instead of watch the news, look at pornography – it’s healthier. After viewing last you at least will not take the machine and go someone to recetionist. So I try my best to stay away from that. I was just tired. People talking nonsense.

Of spending on child

Komorowski assured that the answer to the question “how much it costs to maintain the child” no. However, it is possible to answer the question, “how not to spend the extra money.” He said that at birth, the baby is not necessary, for example, to buy the tub as it can redeem and the great.

– The amount of effort and money that you spend on treatment of the child directly depends on how the child will exist. If you spend money on pills and HVAC equipment, if you’re not in front of the TV sit, and walk with your child, then he and you will be much healthier. Most tablets are designated in our country are outright “peplomycin”.

He noted that there is such a thing as “Economics of parenting”.

– Do you want it or not, but you for the first year of baby’s life need 5,000 diapers. If you have the room to be hot, any diaper will be bad and will have to buy premium. If it’s clean, cool, wet you can stock up on diapers, which are much cheaper. And so on.

According to Eugene, “the more it is cooked in this mess” (about motherhood, about women’s happiness – ed.), the more it gets it is much more interesting than the “snot and feces.”

– Because the snotty kid with the smiling mother is a happy family. A healthy child with a sleepy angry woman who throws herself at the guy is all miserable. We (in the country – ed.) the family is constructed in such a way that if a woman is in mourning, this family is not normal because she was going to kill myself, my child and the man. If she has no desire to love, no libido and she wants to sleep, then everything is a dead end. I now realize that I have a textbook on children, snot, feces, feed, clean, care for illnesses written in order to understand this need your time and patience. But if you picked up this book after the birth and you can’t read because I want to sleep, that’s all.

About instamatic

Ramin noted that many bloggers (mom – ed.) tell the network to vaccinate a child or not. Komorowski believes that they have to bear for it moral responsibility.

– This information chaos needs to be spelled out legally. That is why if I say “Guys, take the sticks are going to RAID the store”, that my calls to violence go to jail. Or at least that will excite anything. But if I say “Guys, don’t priveliges” and you listen to me, will endanger the lives of their children, that is the sphere of unregulated legislation. Of course, I don’t like (calls to vaccinate or not have a child – ed.).

However, instalaste I see another problem. Instance with millions of viewers generates a certain way, totally awesome, cool, relaxed chick, that CHICK, smiling with a sick child. Even if he had all the cheek in the diathesis, it will cover or include the beauty regimen. The creation of these moronic pictures really depress me. On the one hand I’m for that, to suggest that motherhood is happiness, this beauty, that we are good, healthy and adequate. But I would attract other pictures: “how do we travel together,” “as my child is crawling with knee pads and that’s why his knees are not red, but my husband tempted the child, he Poo’s and I love them for it”.

Dr. Komorowski assured that it was much better if moms were shown that “creepy and scary” in parenthood is “garbage” when you know how to use it.

– That is, instance is a beautiful well-groomed female, with a beautiful male nearby and healthy, not sick child. And you all seek, but it is not something to aspire to in actual fact.

Leading asked Eugene to comment on those things that “preach some instname”.

Pills from the placenta

Is of course very useful but much more useful in the moonlit night to find the dog poop, bury them at a depth of 1 meter, then to face North and Bang my head against this place. In General strengthens the immune system scary! (joking Komorowski, ed.).

According to him, he gets a lot of messages regarding this. However, believes that his task is to make common sense, science and logic were in trends.

– Not this nonsense! Understand to me do not come to the people who want to eat the placenta. Here they have their own party platinoidov. Well eat health.

Home birth

The example of Ramin brought the Ukrainian installaware, which stands for home birth (therefore she had two children – ed.).

– It is necessary to show the graves of children who died at home (which, the reporter noted that the girl had two healthy children – ed.). Well, she has three survivors and others with disabilities. You can give birth at home when you live in the Netherlands, when you have a professional certified midwife birthing at home, when at any time during the 15-minute machine that is near, no traffic jams to carry you to the hospital and so on. This is normal, when the insurance company pays for it, when you allowed a home birth before that assessing the size of the pelvis, the fetus. In our country, even if you just become ill, you tubes, even to the hospital don’t eat and die. We don’t have many such head cases, they are and they are very loud. When you birth at home, you all went well and you shout at all Instagram. And when your child became disabled due to these genera, you shut up and curse all the world and be silent, because to come out publicly and say “I gave birth at home, because I was stupid” can’t. Because it will not have the courage to admit my mistakes sometimes hurt.

If your child is sick you need to throw in the nose breast milk

Some bloggers write that breast milk kills all the bacteria. Komorowski said it was a long-standing debate.

– If you do something, you need to answer the question why. Yes, milk, there are so-called secretory immunoglobulin, which provide local immunity of the intestine. But they do not work in the mucous membranes of the nose. If you need to moisten the mucous membranes of the respiratory system of the child, you can buy a saline solution and drip it. But even better, to make the nose kid did not dry up, so he was warmly dressed, but breathing the cool, clear, humid air. And then there’s nothing to drip will not have to.

Prolonged breastfeeding

Ramin noted that there is Instagram one of those moms who believes that the need of the child to breastfeed as long as possible.

– Yes, before the wedding the best. And then let him immediately to the wife to boob! In General, breast-feeding is a sexual act, because it also requires the participation of two people. And as you know that sexual intercourse was adequate pleasure to have two people. I think that almost the biggest mistake of breast feeding is that it’s actually a sexual act that requires the participation of three people. Dad also has to do with it. For him, it is also an object that he likes.

If more than anything this mom takes pleasure in not wine, not communicating with her husband, not from walking, not from travel, and from breast feeding, the child also gets pleasure from it. In the 21st century, a woman who wants to spend time with a child who knows how to talk, hear, see, could sing him a song, arrange the blocks, to tell what is good and what is bad, to go with him to the zoo. And you can do nothing, applying it to the chest to pick up the phone and say, “Look at the Tits and my second grader sucks. He is in high. Ha ha ha”. And they understand that such a little and feel unique. You need to understand that if your actions no one becomes worse, it can apply to breast anyone.


Kernes about my personal life: I’m not married, I have an open relationship.

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