Komarovsky discovers the truth about vaccination against measles in developed countries

Комаровский раскрыл правду о вакцинации против кори в развитых странах

Dr. Komarovsky has told, whether vaccinated in developed countries, measles

Popular from Kharkov pediatrician Eugene Komorowski continues to answer questions Ukrainians in social networks. This time he gave the answers to the most popular questions about measles.

Evgeny Olegovich ask: “is it True that in Japan are vaccinated against measles?”

Комаровский раскрыл правду о вакцинации против кори в развитых странах

“It is not true. There are vaccinated against measles, more than 95% of the population and continue to be vaccinated. And we, instead of vaccination watch the video about how in Japan do not teach over 1.2 million views! But this story is one of people’s servants are not interested, and no ban will not happen, he is not a movie about those same people’s servants” — meets Komorowski.

Another misconception of Ukrainians about the threat of the disease was also not confirmed. People believe that to get sick with measles, it is useful for cancer prevention:

“Is it true that to have measles very useful to prevent cancer?”, — ask the doctor.

“True, but partially. Those who will die from measles, really will never be of cancer,” — said Komorowski.

We will add, earlier Eugene Komorowski has revealed the main myths about vaccinations that still believe Ukrainians.

The doctor recalled the most dangerous misconceptions about vaccination. The data cited by Komorowski, formulated by the world health organization (who).

For example, many believe that vaccines are very dangerous — they can cause serious side effects and even death.

“In most cases, the vaccine causes minor and temporary reaction (arm pain or slight fever). Serious side effects are extremely rare and are carefully monitored and investigated. You have a much greater chance of getting serious consequences of vaccine preventable diseases than from the vaccine itself,” — said in the message.

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Комаровский раскрыл правду о вакцинации против кори в развитых странах

Many parents fear that vaccines contain mercury. Thiomersal is an organic substance containing mercury, which is added to some vaccines as a preservative. This is the most common preservative used in the vaccines supplied in vials for multiple doses. There are no data indicating the health risks that amount of thiomersal used in vaccines.

We will remind, Komorowski spoke about the advisability of vaccination after the disease.

As reported Politeka, Komorowski told how to reduce the risk of disease in flu season.

Also Politeka wrote that Komorowski told who daily need to temper throat.


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