Komarovsky discovers the truth about septic tanks for hands: “Benefit or harm”

Комаровский раскрыл правду о септиках для рук: "Польза или вред"

Well-known Ukrainian doctor and a leading Eugene Komorowski told whether the Ukrainians to use disinfectants for hands

“Never forget that your clean hands are essential and perhaps the most important condition for the proper organization of child care. And the younger the child, the more relevant this rule is. Alcohol sanitizers for hands and very comfortable and represented in the trading network with hundreds of various positions. These funds must necessarily be used when a reason to wash my hands there, and access to water and no soap,” advises Dr. Komorowski, reports Clutch.

Комаровский раскрыл правду о септиках для рук: "Польза или вред"

Properly wash hands by soap and running water — a much more effective way to maintain purity in comparison with the use of alcohol disinfectants. Always, when possible, give preference to soap and water.

If you put in the purse, solution in alcohol, and put wet wipes: if your hands are really dirty (you see the dirt), so no benefit from the application of alcohol will not. First, cleanse the hands with a damp cloth and then apply alcohol disinfectants;

If you really need to wipe children’s hands, optimal algorithm of actions the such: wet wipe — alcohol solution — again, wet the cloth, added Dr. Komarovsky;

When purchasing disinfectants, pay attention to the concentration of alcohol: it should be above 60, and even better — above 70%;

Dr. Komorowski also added that the disinfectants are often produced on the basis of either ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Formulations based on isopropyl alcohol are not recommended for treatment of the skin children under 6 years of age;

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Комаровский раскрыл правду о септиках для рук: "Польза или вред"

Be vigilant! The child must not access vial with alcohol.

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