Kolomoisky has revealed details of a quarrel with Poroshenko

Коломойский раскрыл детали ссоры с Порошенко

The conflict with the former President of Ukraine broke out because of 1+1 TV channel, says the businessman.

Before the presidential election, businessman Igor Kolomoisky and former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a fight because of the 1+1 TV channel. As transfers the Internet edition of the Chronicle.info about the conflict of the businessman has told in interview to the Ukrainian truth, on 27 may.

“We, by the way, for the TV with him and had a fight. If you want to know what was the conflict, it was 1+1. From the first day. It was not a single event. It was every day. Here I am on duty when I was invited to the administration, here. One of the questions was: 1+1 something not revealed”, — said Kolomoisky.

Kolomoisky said about the support of Tymoshenko in the elections to the Parliament

He added that the former President personally demanded from him to influence the leaders of the 1+1, however, the businessman said that he does not interfere in the editorial policy of the channel and does not specify which stories to put on the air.

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