Koh-Lanta – Thomas: “During the selection process, I was diagnosed with a disease”

Koh-Lanta - Thomas: "During the selection process, I was diagnosed with a disease"
Koh-Lanta – Thomas: “During the selection process, I was diagnosed with a disease”
While he was in the Koh Lanta adventure and was among the candidates to watch, the 21-year-old had to give up for a medical problem. Not enough to taint his good mood and his positive spirit.

Gala: In what state of mind are you after this release for medical reasons?

Thomas: I am extremely disappointed, I thought that my clogged ear was only a small inflammation, a small problem of a few hours, I did not imagine that it would take this magnitude to the point of being obliged to leave the ” adventure. It’s a big slap. At no time did I hurt, it was more an embarrassment, I did not hear with one ear, but I was ready to make other trials.

Gala: How is your ear today ?

Thomas: In a few days, it was over. I even went on a trip to Polynesia with my parents. I was able to dive and enjoy it fully.

Gala: How long did you stay on the island after you dropped out?

Thomas: A little week, the time I recover and check that there was no danger with the depressurization in the plane.

Gala: Given how the beginning of the adventure took place, you thought you could go to where? Reunification, poles?

Thomas: I was in danger until Marvyn was eliminated. I knew that then I had a strong alliance that allowed me to continue. And then I was eager to find the red team with profiles that might fit me a little more. I knew that Romain had said a lot of good to me and so they liked me.

Gala: What do you remember about your Koh-Lanta?

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Mel: An exceptional adventure, but unfortunately very frustrating. I have only one desire: to prepare myself to give me every chance to participate in a possible return of the heroes. It is a unique adventure that I really do not regret having done.

Gala: What were you looking for when registering in Koh-Lanta?

Mel: It was a kid’s dream, I always told my parents that I will participate one day. And then last Christmas, during the selection phases, I was detected a disease. The objective was to prove to my family that despite my health problems, I could participate in Koh-Lanta and realize my dream. The production was aware, I passed all the stages of the cast like the other candidates and I was declared fit. It’s Crohn’s disease, so it’s not vital. It is often linked to a certain diet and as in Koh-Lanta, we do not eat, there was little risk that it causes me problems on the spot.

Gala: If you were to retain an image of your adventure?

Thomas: The lost paradise. It’s a whole, it’s the first victory on a comfort event, the first links with a red and then I’m the first one to go.

Gala: Since the release of the game, photos of your girlfriend have been found and broadcast on the internet. It annoys you, it amuses you?

Thomas: I know this game puts our loved ones and our families in the light, it’s the price to pay. It’s ephemeral, it does not last long. I had prepared myself for it.

Gala: And your girlfriend, how did she react?

Thomas: She was surprised, even if I had prepared her for it. At first it irritated her because it is the physical that is put forward, not the personality.

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Gala: What are the returns of your loved ones discovering you on the show? They find you as they know you?

Thomas: I told them on leaving that it was possible that they would not recognize me as it is a game and I was willing to go a long way in the adventure, things that may not resemble me. But from the first episode, they saw that I was the same as in life. Koh-Lanta does not lie at all, he does not invent a character. The features are accentuated but it is us we see.

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