Kochavi: IDF hit a “third country” during recent fighting in Gaza

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 Kochavi: IDF strikes 'third country' during recent fighting in Gaza

AILA Chief of Staff Kochavi said on Thursday that the Israel Defense Forces had targeted an unnamed country during the recent round of fighting in Gaza at the start of this month.

“Ten days ago, the Israel Defense Forces hit Taysir Jabari, who is an arch-terrorist, with great accuracy,” — Kochavi said at a conference of the Federation of Local Authorities, referring to the commander of the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” in northern Gaza, who was killed during Operation Dawn.

“At the same time, the IDF carried out a series of arrests in Judea and Samaria and struck a third country, and also carried out defensive operations along the rest of the country's borders.” , — Kochavi said.

Kochavi did not name the “third country” on whose territory the strike was carried out between August 5 and 8.

However, Arab media reports say that at least six Iranian and Lebanese advisers were killed on August 7 in Yemen in the camp of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel group. At the same time, the explosion of a Houthis ballistic missile, which exploded during redeployment, was named as the cause of the incident.

In reports broadcast by the Saudi Al-Arabiya TV companies, and al-Hadath, it says that dozens of Houthi fighters were also killed and that the blast caused other munitions to detonate at a nearby factory and weapons depot near the Yemeni capital, Saana.

It is not clear from reports whether the Lebanese are connected to Hezbollah, another Tehran-backed armed terrorist group.

Last year, the IDF deployed air defense batteries around the southern city of Eilat amid fears of a Houthi attack. The Iranian-backed group is believed to have missiles and drones that can reach Israeli territory.

The IDF calls three “circles” direct threats facing Israel, the first of which – small terrorist groups on Israel's borders, such as Hamas; the second — larger threats such as the Syrian army and Hezbollah, and the “third circle” — these are countries that do not share a common border with Israel, such as Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

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