Kobzon before leaving, speak Ukrainian: what he said

Кобзон перед уходом заговорил по-украински: что он сказал

Russian singer Iosif Kobzon remembered their Homeland in death delirium

YouTube-the program “see the Interviewer,” the Ukrainian journalist, a friend of the artist Dmitry Gordon, remembered in death delirium Kobzon spoke in Ukrainian. Gordon is about a secret told by the son of Kobzon soon after his father’s death.

Dmitry Gordon in conversation with the master programs admitted that from a young age was very friendly with Joseph Kobzon.

“Joseph Kobzon I love very much. Did not like, but love. And he loved me, I can’t say “loves”. It was a very close relationship, very trusting. This Grand person was, on a Grand scale, the scale of the individual, systemic, human qualities… I have these people never seen. And I have seen very many,” said Gordon.

Кобзон перед уходом заговорил по-украински: что он сказал

Кобзон перед уходом заговорил по-украински: что он сказал

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According to the journalist, their friendship is not affected even active Pro-Russian position and constant dirty statements of the singer in the Ukraine. Gordon is sure that Kobzon, who is a native of Ukraine who “did not understand” the situation and just believe in the ideology of the self-proclaimed “L/DNR”.

“Speaking of what happened after the war, he did not understand. He lagged behind. He was very naïve. Was Pro man, loved the Komsomol, the party, loved the Stroy of the Komsomol, the Soviet Union, the Communist party, he was great to Lenin and Stalin — we had a lot of controversy on this topic,” explained Gordon.

Dmitry Gordon was unable to attend the funeral of his friend.

Кобзон перед уходом заговорил по-украински: что он сказал

“I couldn’t go to the funeral. I’ve said some bad things about these villains whom I hated deeply for what they did to my country that there could be any provocation. How to go? There’s Putin, Medvedev…” — continued the journalist.

Today Gordon keeps the phone text message from the son of Iosif Kobzon, which came to him shortly after the funeral of the singer. The wife of the artist decided to disclose to the journalist the secret.

“Mom says thanks for the support, and wanted to tell you a secret, when in the last days dad was delirious, he spoke in the Ukrainian language,” — quoted message Gordon.

We will remind, the scientist refused to say goodbye to Kobzon.

As reported Politeka, Kobzon has made a will, the last words caught on video.

Also Politeka told that the main superdance Ukraine mourn Kobzon.

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