Knesset Invites Top TikTok Bloggers to Israel

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 The Knesset invited top TikTok bloggers to Israel

The Israeli Knesset, celebrating its 74th anniversary, has invited some of the most famous TikTok influencers from around the world on a cultural trip to Israel. From the bustling landscapes of Tel Aviv to the historic and cultural center of Jerusalem – top TikTok bloggers will be broadcasting their journeys to millions of followers around the world as part of a Knesset-approved trip. The influencers arrived on Monday morning and their journey will conclude at the end of the week.

“TikTok– it is a media platform that directly reaches hundreds of millions of young people around the world who are also exposed to anti-Israel messages on social networks”,– Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana said.

“TikTok's ability to create engaging stories across cultures, sectors and ages creates a global community where everyone feels safe”,– said Liron Rifman Schwartz, director of public policy and government relations for TikTok Israel. “The purpose of this delegation– create human and cultural bonds”.

Notable TikTokers include Britain's Cathy Franklin, who has 2.6 million followers, and Warren Robbie, who has 3.2 million followers. Hungarian vlogger Vivian Sapy is also among the nearly a dozen influencers who will be taking part in the trip.

International TikTok stars have been joined by some well-known content creators in Israel, such as Eviatar Ozeri, who has about 10 million followers, magician Shahar Livne with 4.5 million followers and illusionist Vika Bren with 3 million followers.

Social media stars will also visit the Knesset building and hold a special meeting with Speaker Amir Ohana.

“We will have a unique opportunity to tell the story of Israel to millions of viewers around the world and share with them the greatest triumph of Israeli democracy”,– Ohana said.

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