Kittens perceive owners as parents – scientists

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Kittens perceive owners as parents, & mdash; scientists

Recent research findings.

Small kittens bond strongly to their owners. As the new study shows, kittens show the same emotions that babies have in relation to their parents. in the journal & nbsp; Current Biology.

Kitten perceives owners as parents

Researchers analyzed the behavior of a group of kittens aged 4 to 8 months. & nbsp; They were left alone with the owner for 2 minutes. & nbsp ; Then the owner left for 2 minutes and again spent 2 minutes with the baby.

Kittens were classified according to their attachment types using the same criteria as for babies and dogs.

This is how 4 different categories were denoted:

  • feeling safe,
  • ambivalence,
  • unique emotions,
  • disorganized emotions.

The researchers reported that 64% of kittens showed commitment to their owners, feeling safe. & Nbsp; They were less nervous when reunited with their owners. & Nbsp; Another 36% of kittens had insecure attachment styles and were not emotionally affected when their owners walked or returned.

These findings support the hypothesis that cats exhibit the same ability to form safe and insecure guardian adherence that children have previously exhibited, the scientists explain.

Someone will probably be surprised to learn about these results, because cats usually show & # 171; cold and independent & # 187; emotions towards humans. & nbsp; However, the researchers add that kittens, as a rule, do not outgrow and do not lose their sense of & # 171; parental safety & # 187;. & nbsp; It is relatively stable and is present in adulthood.

And that's not all. & nbsp; The study also shows that kittens are as attached to the people who care for them as dogs. & nbsp; Perhaps cats are also nominees for the title & # 171; Man's true best friend & # 187 ;.

Relationship with an adult cat

Scientists at the University of Lincoln recently conducted & nbsp; important research & nbsp; to understand the relationship between owners and adult cats.

Researchers interviewed nearly 4,000 cat owners and described 5 types of relationships between people and their pets.

They were able to highlight:

  • open,
  • alienated,
  • occasional,
  • friendly,
  • codependent.

 Kittens perceive their owners as parents, & mdash; scientists

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