Kirkorov was shat on the air

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 Kirkorov was shat live

Filip Kirkorov, the king of the Russian stage, who supports the war in Ukraine, got into a curious situation on the air.

According to Russian media, he and his colleagues were invited to film a New Year's show, where they gave him the symbol of 2023, the rabbit, to hold in his arms.

However, this seemingly innocent moment ended with a “surprise” for Kirkorov. The rabbit suddenly shat right on Kirkorov.

The artist screamed in surprise and threw the animal away. The rabbit was caught by other artists. Later, the singer nevertheless justified himself, saying that one should not be afraid of such a surprise.

“I used to have such situations: birds, for example, shit on me several times. But I realized that this is for the money. Believe me, this sign works. Almost immediately after that, I signed a very serious contract with a well-known bank and with one corporation on the Internet. This will bring me good money. So don't be afraid of poop from above,” said Kirkorov.

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