Kirkorov – Shukshina: “Look at your unhappy face!”

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 Kirkorov - Shukshina: “Look at your unfortunate face!” ;

Philip Kirkorov very painfully took Maria Shukshina's statements about his acting in a remake of the popular New Year's film “The Irony of Fate, or C light steam!”.

Kirkorov played Ippolit. According to the artist, the dream of his life came true. Many of the fans positively assessed Philip's participation, but there were those who simply “mixed with the dirt”; Kirkorov's acting talent.

Maria Shukshina not only in “bayonets” took the whole film, but also just “skating rink” drove over the king of pop.

“And here is another brewing bout of bad taste…Kirkorov „firebird“ now as Hippolyte. Surprisingly, not in the role of Nadia… „Fili“ and other „pigs“ in full force. „What a filthy fish of yours!”, – the actress said in her microblog.

Kirkorov's reaction was somewhat aggressive. In his remark, the artist did not even hide his disgust for the actress herself, and for her work.

“This crazy Shukshina! Become Philip Kirkorov first! Work 35 years. Have you collected at least one full house, bitch? Look at your unfortunate face! With such a name and such an evil. Sinister. The whole family is like that, not in itself. Who is she to talk about me? Dust!”, wrote Kirkorov.

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