Kirkorov sawing his penthouse on the Arbat

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 Kirkorov saws his penthouse on the Arbat

Singer Filipp Kirkorov is trying to share his two-story “luhari-penthouse on the Arbat” into two small parts to reduce their cost and reduce property tax — from 6 million to 2 million. The Mash Telegram channel writes about this.

in the heart of Moscow, the performer acquired from the ex-president of Kyrgyzstan in 2021. According to the channel, the real cost of housing is about a billion rubles, the cadastral — almost 300 million: “the highest bar, luxury and 2% tax per year.” The message claims that Kirkorov intends to fix this. It is clarified that during the re-registration of documents in the tax office, everything was mixed up, for some reason they took two penthas for one, added up their cadastral values ​​and mistakenly charged the singer 6 million in tax. However, if we count separately, then both objects fall under a rate of 0.3% and a tax of 2 million.

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