Kirkorov publicly swore at Shukshina and Pevtsov

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 Kirkorov publicly swore at Shukshina and Pevtsov

Philip Kirkorov got into another scandal by publicly swearing at Maria Shukshina and Dmitry Pevtsov. This happened on Red Square during the opening of the ice rink. He scolded Shukshina and spat on her for criticizing his role as Ippolit in the film "Self-Irony of Fate!". "Here is another brewing bout of bad taste and lack of ideas in show business: Kirkorov– "Firebird" – now in the role of Hippolyte from “The Irony of Fate”. In general, it is even surprising that not in the role of Nadia… "Fili" and other "pigs" in full force. "What a disgusting thing this fish of yours is!" – Shukshina commented. Kirkorov was outraged by such an attitude towards his person. Pevtsov also fell under the distribution, who repeatedly criticized the “king of the Russian stage”. "Yes, she went to x **, this Shukshina. Is it for ****** that she, that this second m *** to Singers. They have nothing to do! To your "zero" add "one" in the form of me and for a while become "tens". What are they?! I only remember them when they remember me. But I forgive them, I allow it! .. Children, “said Kirkorov. Later, when the news surfaced in the Russian media, he softened a bit. "Crazy. Maybe she's in love with me? I have a feeling that she has no other topics, ", — quotes his words "MK".

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