Kirkorov – “obscene woman in the market” Margarita Simonyan: Did you hold a candle?

 Kirkorov -

Philip Kirkorov, accepting congratulations in honor of his 55th birthday, reacted to the scandal that erupted around Maxim Galkin. Previously, Kirkorov was even criticized for not standing up for the family of his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva. Kirkorov published in social networks an appeal to Margarita Simonyan, who, after Galkin's criticism of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, stated on television that Ongei, who “married an elderly woman for averting her eyes, enrichment and career.”

“The news report caught up with me only now, after sleepless days and nights, while I was non-stop immersed in concerts. And I have something to say, Margarita Simonyan,” Kirkorov wrote.

In the video message itself, the artist sadly says that internal aggression towards each other is increasing in Russia and suggests that this is all they want in the West. Kirkorov noted that he is bitter about the fact that people with different views are being stigmatized. ]

“You, witch hunters, only aggravate the internal split… And you start spreading rot,” says Kirkorov. Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.
“Did you hold a candle to denigrate their family?!”, Kirkorov continued.

He also wondered how Maxim's children would look at their homeland Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, if they “shout frantically at their parents” there.
that he himself tries to do as he would like to be treated. Therefore, he expressed confidence that there will be no people who want to “dig into dirty linen” Simonyan herself.

“If every person in our country thinks about this, then it will become even a little easier for us,” Kirkorov summed up.

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