Kirkorov justified himself for his trip to the USA

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 Kirkorov justified his trip to the USA

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"King of the Russian stage" Philip Kirkorov traveled to the United States, despite the fact that he was under American sanctions.

According to, he explained his trip by the fact that, while still young, he was imbued with Western culture and did not renounced his love for America despite being listed as a human rights violator.

“I like to come to a civilized and musically educated country to learn how to do shows. Visit the Grammy Music Awards, go to Broadway, where the best musicals are played, watch shows in Las Vegas to gain experience, bring it here and create shows that will delight the Russian audience at the time of import substitution. Somewhere, too, I must draw this knowledge, if it is impossible for us to get it, ", — Kirkorov explained.

The Russian artist considers it tactless to condemn his trip “over the hill”, because he did not go there to have fun. He explained that even a trip to American stores was not a priority for him, because he already brought his bright suits to the Russian Federation.

“I can afford it. I'm going to show myself, to learn something,” he stressed.

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