Kirkorov burst into tears on the set of a video about love

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 Kirkorov burst into tears on the set of a video about love

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"King of the Russian stage" Philip Kirkorov admitted that he burst into tears during the filming of the video for the song “If you leave”, which will become the soundtrack for the film “Nuremberg”.

He told about this in an interview with the Russian edition of KP.RU.

"I showed Nikolai Lebedev a song that we did with Andrey Reznikov, and he thought it was the perfect soundtrack for his new film "Nuremberg". I am here as a narrator. In general, with great trepidation, as a person born in the USSR, I treat the topic of the Second World War. It is thanks to our heroes that we are alive today. Nikolai is one of my favorite directors, I would like to play in his film. He says that he is still looking for a role for me,” Kirkorov said.

According to the Russian artist, the shooting of the video about love was extremely emotional for him. He even had a tear-stained face, but he demanded to remove all this from the frame.

“It's a love story. Oh, how can I forget my story already. In any case, the clip will not include plans with a tear. I asked Lebedev to remove them. It is necessary that they cry in the hall, and not the artist weeps,” he said.

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