King of Great Britain unveils first posthumous statue of Queen Elizabeth II

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 The King of Great Britain unveiled the first posthumous statue of Elizabeth II

King Charles III unveiled the first posthumous statue of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

A new sculpture in the English city of York was unveiled this week outside York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in the UK, CNN reports.

In his speech, the British king noted that the statue was conceived “as a celebration of the queen's platinum jubilee.”

“Now the statue is unveiled in her memory “as a tribute to a life of exceptional service and devotion,” said Charles III.

The first posthumous statue of Elizabeth II was designed and carved by York Minster mason Richard Bossons. The statue stands just over six and a half feet (about 2 meters) tall and weighs about 4,000 pounds (about 1,814 kilograms).

The sculpture depicts the late Queen wearing a gartered robe, crowned with the state diadem of George IV, holding an orb and the scepter are symbols of her role as head of church and state.

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