Kindergarten and house for Ukrainian refugees set on fire in Germany

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 A kindergarten and a house for Ukrainian refugees were set on fire in Germany

In the German city of Leipzig, attackers tried to set fire to a kindergarten that takes care of refugee children from Ukraine. Also a few days ago, a refugee home was attacked with incendiary devices, according to Bild.

The arsonists allegedly spilled a flammable liquid, such as alcohol or gasoline, at the entrance to the kindergarten and set it on fire. However, the fire did not spread to the Entdeckerland kindergarten. The incident ended with minor damage to the door.

The attack took place when the kindergarten was already closed, so the children and teachers were not injured.

On Friday evening, August 26, attackers also attacked the home for refugees , which is located 700 meters from the affected kindergarten.
“Due to the spatial proximity, we do not exclude that there is a connection between these two actions. Now we are studying testimonies, interviewing local residents, looking for camera recordings and checking social networks,” the police said.

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