Kim Kardashian stirred up the network photo in lingerie

Кім Кардашян розбурхала мережу фото у білизні

Kim Kardashian got naked in Instagram

The reality star Kim Kardashian was once again the center of attention of the network, and all because creative decided to congratulate with the New year. A little later, but almost no clothes.

39-year-old TV star, model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian manages to do is not only show about the life of his own family, but also a variety of projects. Besides, she actively maintains a page on the social network Instagram, where she has more than 156 million subscribers. This is not surprising, because the star shares footage from his everyday life, filming and social events, and does not hesitate to show their spectacular figure.

This is confirmed by recent pictures of Kim where she poses in underwear own brand. But in comments to the star decided, though late, but to wish their fans a happy New year. Within hours the entry had collected more than 3 million likes and many comments, among which was not only compliments, but also criticism for such explicit content.

Кім Кардашян розбурхала мережу фото у білизні

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