Kim Kardashian got drunk to I will fall and I announced sensational news: video

Ким Кардашьян напилась до упаду и разболтала сенсационную новость: видео

Kim Kardashian admitted that soon again know the joy of motherhood

Kim Kardashian, thoroughly drunk at the Christmas party, told the news that she and husband Kanye West are expecting a baby – their fourth child in the family.

About this socialite told on the show Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen. Kim did not keep the intrigue and admitted that Yes, soon they will have a son. The woman noted that initially didn’t plan to tell anyone about it. And she was able to carefully hide the news about the fourth child. Although the stars it is sometimes very difficult to do, someone from friends or servants tell necessarily. But then on the fourth the baby “bells” itself Kardashian.

Ким Кардашьян напилась до упаду и разболтала сенсационную новость: видео

She admitted that very relaxed at the Christmas party and drank too much and started the language he want. “I got drunk at our party on Christmas eve, and told some people. Don’t even remember who it” – honestly told Kim, do not forget to add that usually, this behavior is not peculiar to her.

Kardashian and West were married may 24, 2014. Note that the family Kardashian-West large families, the couple has three children: 5-year-old North’s 2-year-old of St and one-year-old Chicago. It is reported that after the second birth, the doctors, given the condition of Kim, forbade her to give birth, so the younger Chi was born through surrogacy. A fourth child also provides a surrogate.

Ким Кардашьян напилась до упаду и разболтала сенсационную новость: видео

Woman eaten alive on the job: “suddenly popped up out of the water and dragged”
The incident

As previously reported, the star of the show business Kim Kardashian resorted to the services of private detectives to follow her husband rapper Kanye West. Kim has hired a team of specialists who watch the singer all day. Sources claim that the detectives watch rapper even when he sleeps in the neighboring room his wife.

Kim alleged she tried for a long time to observe a spouse, but it is not enough time. The reality star even tried to get away from the West because of the constant scandals and antics, in which he falls into.

In the new episode of the reality show the Kardashians during a conversation with her ex-husband Courtney Scott Discom and sister, top model Kendall Jenner, Kim revealed some surprising facts about his tumultuous youth.

Ким Кардашьян напилась до упаду и разболтала сенсационную новость: видео

First Disick admitted that he had heard the shocking story: once Kardashian under the influence of drugs with a large company went to the amusement Park. And as it turned out, it was not the only time.

“I got married the first time when I was on ecstasy. Then I took this drug and had recorded a sex tape with ray Jay. Everyone knows about it, my jaw was constantly shaking… After I took drugs, always did some bad things,” admitted Kim Kardashian.

The socialite said that her youth really was too violent, but now she has changed. Kardashian still thinks her life is one big party, but also the star managed to grow up.

Recall that Kim Kardashian had a fight with her younger sister because of the former.

As reported Politeka, the Kardashian sisters made dozens of transactions.

Politeka also wrote that Kim Kardashian showed the fans looked like before plastic.

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