Kim Jong UN executed officials for an unsuccessful summit with trump

Ким Чен Ын казнил дипломатов за неудачный саммит с Трампом

The dictator was furious.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN was executed in March the special representative of the state Council of the DPRK on the US Kim Hyuk-Cheol, as well as four other officials of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, reports the with reference to

Kim Jong UN was incensed by the disastrous summit in Vietnam, which was attended by the American President Donald trump.

China has announced a “black list” of U.S. companies

As a result, Kim Hyuk-Cheol, dominant on this issue, got charged with espionage in favor of America, after which he was shot, and his assistant Kim Yong Chol was exiled to the camps for hard labor.

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