Kika Édgar leaves romances to focus on her music.

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Kika Édgar leaves romances to focus on her music.

PHOTOS: Kika Édgar leaves romances to focus on her music.

The singer has tired of denying the rumors that related her to Humberto Zurita

An intelligent, talented, beautiful and successful woman is a magnet for gallants. In this case, Kika Édgar is easy prey for the gossip-writing press. However, for now, she insists that any kind of allusion of this kind is more than far from reality.Kika is still full and focused on her music. Her passion, which has taken her so far, is far from running out of steam. Proof of this is the announcement of his new album.

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She, in addition to being an excellent singer, also happens to be a great interpreter. Their new release includes several old hits, but Kika gives them a stamp of her own to elevate them even more. Some spectacular works.

The background of the album is to also revive his songs that were released 15 years ago. For this reason, it was named the “Collection of Old”. A name according to the content; perfect to celebrate your professional career.

Regarding the subject that she is related in a loving way with the actor Humberto Zurita, she assures that it does not go beyond a friendship. That said, every time she is asked about him, the singer highlights his qualities without any problems.

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Both are commonly seen on social media. They share very happy moments and it seems that that will not change. For now, the issue remains a strong friendship.


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