“Kievoblenergo” stops: who pays for services and what will happen with the overpayment

"Киевоблэнерго" прекращает работу: кому платить за услуги и что будет с переплатой

February 1, 2019, the residents of the area will receive services from LLC “Kyiv regional power supplying company” (COACH)

Such changes will happen because of the first stage of the reform of the electricity market. About it reports a press-service of “Kievoblenergo”.

From January 2019 consumer services provide the distribution system operator PJSC “Kievoblenergo” and the company-electropositivity. Now the government chooses a single supplier in each region, which is the provider of universal services. Since February this supplier in the Kiev region is LLC “Kyiv regional power supplying company”.

"Киевоблэнерго" прекращает работу: кому платить за услуги и что будет с переплатой

Note, PJSC “Kievoblenergo” and JSC “Kyiv regional power supplying company” (COACH) are independent from each other, they have different licenses and accounts. In January, the bills still come in the name of “Kievoblenergo”, but in February the residents of the area will pay for services received from COACH. Thus, in the case of an overpayment in the previous months, the money will go to the expense of the latter company.

We have previously reported that the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov is preparing citizens appreciation of communal. This became known from the message on the website controlled by DTEK.

Thus, the holding intends to concentrate 68,2949% of actions “Odessaoblenergo” and 93,9978% “Kievoblenergo”. These companies are operators of distribution system in Kyiv and Odessa regions and implement activities for the supply of electricity.

“3 January 2019, OOO “DTEK Neftegaz” (Ukraine) and NGR B. V. (Netherlands) signed contracts for the sale of the shares of these companies. Contract concluded with a suspensive condition and will be finalized after obtaining the necessary permissions from state authorities, including the approval of antitrust authorities”, — stated in the message.

"Киевоблэнерго" прекращает работу: кому платить за услуги и что будет с переплатой

At the same time, energy expert Igor Cherkashin argues that Akhmetov simply received the “green light”.

“The Antimonopoly Committee has closed production on the monopoly status of DTEK, and gives the green light for such transactions. It seems that in this respect there is a political arrangement. The market is in the stage of wild capitalism”, he said.

We also reported that the Ukrainians will start to compensate for the poor quality of electricity supply. This became known thanks to the statement of the Chairman of the National Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities (NKREKU) Oksana Krivenko in the social network Facebook.

According to Krivenko, the compensation will be appointed in the case if the business is a distributor or supplier of electricity violate the established standards of service quality for domestic and household consumers.

We are talking about such services:

  • issuance of technical conditions for accession;
  • the restoration of electric power supply;
  • check counter;
  • response to a written request;
  • high-quality supply of electricity.

"Киевоблэнерго" прекращает работу: кому платить за услуги и что будет с переплатой

Recall that the Ukrainians will pay for the light differently.

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