Kiev girl crashed after falling from the balcony of the skyscraper

В Киеве девушка разбилась, упав с балкона высотки

Considered version of the murder.

In Kiev at the address: Knyazhiy Zaton street, 21 a tragic event occurred. 20-year-old girl fell from the balcony of the flats. The body lay too far from the building, so the militiamen consider the version of suicide or murder, reports the with reference to the Informant.

The tragedy occurred at about 14:30.

Witness the tragedy was the female Concierge. She told me that she heard a sharp clap and looked out the window, and saw a fallen girl. Arrived on the scene, the doctors only stated the fact of death.

The deceased looked to be about 20 years. Also the Concierge claims that have never been seen in this house had fallen. According to the witness of the tragedy, the entrance to the roof of the apartment buildings is always under lock and key.

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The body was located at a great distance from the crash site. Therefore, law enforcement officers do not exclude the version about the murder. Details of the accident are established. At the scene worked outfit patrol police, ambulance and investigative team.

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