Kids who eat eggs regularly grow taller – study

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 Children who eat eggs regularly grow taller – study

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis conducted an experiment with infants between the ages of six and nine months. Randomly selected participants were instructed to add one egg to their diet every day for six months, while the others were part of a horse of eggs.

It was found that toddlers who consumed eggs daily were 47% less likely to suffered from stunted growth. What's more, 74% of them were not underweight.

“We were surprised at how effective the eggs were”, – the author Laura Yannotti comments on the research. This study offers a solution to the problem of malnutrition in areas where proper nutrition is not available, as eggs not only offer a balanced meal that is easy to find, but often come in safe packaging.

“In our study Allergic reactions to eggs were closely monitored”,– adds Jannotti. “Eggs are the recommended food source for children in developing countries”.

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