Kidney stolen: In Guatemala, four doctors are accused of organ trafficking

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 Kidney stolen: Four doctors accused of organ trafficking in Guatemala

On Friday, four Guatemalan doctors were charged with organ trafficking, they are suspected of removing a kidney from a patient without her consent, according to AFP Español.

Four doctors – two urologists, a surgeon and a pathologist, arrested a few hours earlier in the capital, were released on parole pending the first court hearing scheduled for 14 March. According to the prosecution, they were “involved in the illegal removal of a kidney from a patient who was ordered to remove the adrenal gland to justify the operation.”

The victim, a woman in her sixties, realized after the operation that the kidney had actually been removed , and filed a complaint in May 2022.

The removal of the organ took place in the capital, but no further details “at this stage of the procedure” impossible to provide, prosecutor Moises Ortiz said, when asked about reports in the local press that the operation took place in a private clinic. During the investigation, various statements were obtained and searches were conducted. This is the first time that evidence of illegal organ harvesting has been established in Guatemala, according to Alexandre Colop, head of the anti-trafficking prosecutor's office.

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