Kidnapping of the heiress of a billionaire in Memphis: the police found the body

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 Memphis heiress kidnapping: police find body

In Memphis, USA, the heiress of billionaire Joseph Orgill was kidnapped a few days ago. Eliza Fletcher, 34, was kidnapped while jogging.

The police have already arrested a suspect. It turned out to be an African American, Clote Abston. At his house was a GMC Terrain SUV, which, presumably, was driving Eliza's kidnapper. Shoes with his DNA were also found at the scene of the kidnapping.

Soon, law enforcement officers found the body not far from the place of the kidnapping. Police say it belongs to the kidnapped girl.

The victim's family said they were “heartbroken and devastated” Eliza's death.

“Lisa was such a joy to so many – her family, friends, colleagues, students, parents, members of the Second Presbyterian Church community and everyone who knew her,” Fletcher's relatives said.< br />
Eliza Fletcher, 34, was a kindergarten teacher and was married with two children.

Suspect Abston had previously served a prison sentence for aggravated kidnapping. over 20 years ago. According to court records, he was released in November 2020.

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