Kidnapping in Jenin: Family version contradicts sequence of events

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 Kidnapping in Jenin: family version contradicts sequence of events

The body of 18-year-old Tyrant Fero from Daliyat al-Karmel, who died in a car accident, is still in the territory of the Palestinian Authority – after he was kidnapped by Palestinian militants from a hospital in Jenin.

Maariv Newspaper publishes new details about the abduction.

Yesterday, at around 10:30 am, Palestinians reported to the IDF civil administration about a traffic accident involving two Arab Israeli citizens. A little later it became clear that they were young Druzes. Doctors in the autonomy told their colleagues in the Civil Administration that Tiran had no chance of surviving a medical evacuation to Israel, while another victim did.

In light of this recommendation, the Palestinians turned to Israel and ended up it was decided to evacuate only the second wounded by helicopter and an agreement was reached to continue treating Tiran in an attempt to stabilize his condition.

Already at noon, Tiran's father and uncle arrived at the hospital in Jenin, but the IDF found out about this later. At 19:45, Palestinian doctors pronounced Tiran dead.

At 21:15, the Israeli security service learned of the kidnapping of the body.

more than an hour has passed since the kidnapping of the body.

The security service still does not know how to interpret Father Tiran's claims that the terrorists who stole the body disconnected him from the devices while he was alive, with the described sequence of events .

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