Khizhnyak missed Olympic gold due to an offensive knockout. Video

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Hizhnyak missed the Olympic & laquo ; gold

The Ukrainian boxer had to be content with & # 171; silver & # 187 ;.

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Khizhnyak lost in the fight for & # 171; gold & # 187; 20202 Olympics to Brazilian Gibert Souze. The Ukrainian dominated the entire fight, but in the third he was knocked out, reports with reference to RBC.

From the very beginning of the battle & # 171; Poltava tank & # 187; traditionally went ahead and the Brazilian was clearly not ready for such an onslaught. As a result, the first two rounds in the ring were completely dominated by the Ukrainian. Khizhnyak continued to smash the opponent in the last round, but in one of the attacks, one and a half minutes before the end, he missed a blow to the meeting from Souza and fell. He immediately got to his feet, but staggered a little, and the referee made a rather controversial decision to stop the fight & # 8212; Souza's victory.

At the time of the stoppage of the fight, Khizhnyak was winning the battle according to the estimates of all five judges with a score of 20-18. Thus, the Brazilian needed only a knockout to win, which is what happened. As a result, Khizhnyak only has & # 171; silver & # 187 ;.

 Khizhnyak missed Olympic gold because of an offensive knockout. Video

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