Khamenei criticizes Islamic countries for 'links with Zionists'

 Khamenei criticized Islamic countries for

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Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed a group of Iranian students on the eve of International Quds Day. In his speech, he criticized some Islamic states for “linking with the Zionists,” according to the Iran Front Page.

He stated that this year's Quds Day is different from previous years. According to Khamenei, the Palestinian youth “make great sacrifices” and “and the Zionist regime resorts to any crimes with the support of the United States and Europeans.”

Khamenei stressed that the Palestinian people are strong, although oppressed .

“Unfortunately, some of the Islamic states have proven themselves very poorly and are not even ready to talk about the Palestinian issue, and they think they can help Palestine through establishing links with the Zionists, and this is a gross mistake.” , he said.

Ali Khamenei also noted that the United States is “weakening every day”, and the world is on the verge of forming a new international order.

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