Kfar Kana: Police General Flees Murder Scene

 Kfar Kana Police General Fled Murder Site

Haaretz correspondent Josh Breiner posted several videos of a stabbing in Kfar Kana a year and a half ago.

Surveillance cameras video taken at the Borzel Kana metalware factory on September 12, 2020. A family of factory owners, Amara shares a conflict over ownership of a plot of land.

Police General Jamal Hakrush, who is responsible for fighting crime in the Arab sector, arrived at the plant to pay for the order – at the most inopportune moment. Ghazi Amara was attacked by another family member, Fadi Amara. He succumbed to his stab wounds.

A footage released in Haaretz shows General Hakrush walking around bleeding on the steps of Ghazi, stumbling and hurriedly leaving the factory – without first aiding or investigating the wounded man.

After the scandal broke out, General Hakrush said that he acted “according to the norms” and “arranged the crime scene”.

The second video, however, shows the general leaving the factory in a hurry. He returned to it only after the patrol that arrived at the scene was already doing everything, and the killer was detained by YASAM.

The policeman's body camera recorded that the killer had closed himself in the kitchen, the family of the victim was trying to break through to him. At the same time, relatives shout: “Jamal Hakrush was here! Was and went to the station. By chance he was here and saw everything. He saw the stabbing”.

After the publication of the first video, General Hakrush announced that he would temporarily cease his duties until all the circumstances of the incident were clarified during the internal police investigation.

Breiner writes that the top police knew about the incident in real time-including acting. Police Chief Meir Cohen. No action has been taken against Hakrush since then.

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